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Peace and Positive Greetings Lit Fam

Blessed Acquaintance. My name is Desire Unique Tillman, but I am also known as the “Lit Queen” most notably because I like to think that I am positively and spiritually LIT through life. This outlook has helped me create my very own sacred place and space that has spilled over fruitfully into Motherhood, my Love life, Friendships, and as a business owner. 


I currently reside in Atlanta, GA as a Mompreneur and Partner to my Love! I am an Alumna of the illustrious Spelman College and simply put I am Glowing and Growing. I have always been a person with a positive outlook on life, but life throws you lemons and it’s not always easy to make the Lemonade taste sweet. I struggled for some time with a lack of confidence, postpartum depression issues, anxiety, and purpose. These spirals caused my health to be up and down physically, mentally, and emotionally. I wasn’t even able to be there for myself, let alone my loved ones, or just being present in the world. It took me awhile to realize, but I had lost big pieces of me just going through the motions of unstable “stability”. Many of my hardships were because of the spaces and environments I felt forced to be in. Stress caused me to feel heavy about my body, always tired, and unfulfilled. Issues with my menstrual cycle, eating habits, and most recognizable, skin started showing up boldly. 

It wasn’t a quick realization by far, but I remember watching old snapchat memories of myself and thinking “Wow she seems so FULL and blissful” …I kept thinking to myself, “I have to get back there.” I started to “get back there” by moving my body, meditating using a sound bowl, and coming out of this supposedly “safe zone cocoon” of working a stressful 9-5pm! I was laid off right at the beginning of the Pandemic and it was like a huge relief off my shoulders. I really didn’t know all the answers of how I was going to “do life” just yet, but for the best reasons I was trusting myself again and listening. It felt scary, but good scary. I went full time Entrepreneur and Mommy! In the same breath my purpose on Earth was becoming clearer again and a business/brand idea I had switched from a podcast, YouTube, Blog, and other things had finally been rebirthed and brought to the surface full circle; One Lit Soul LLC. 

I am a Mother, Lover, herbalist, healer, community builder, speaker, friend, and a Lit Soul with a deep Glow. Being “One Lit Soul” is the equivalent to being as positively free as you can be and knowing that sometimes the light inside of us is deep and may take a little work to make shine. Despite this, this work is a forever thing, and a Lit Soul will never stop growing for as long as we stay open to learning. 


I wanted to depict my story in my business/brand One Lit Soul LLC. because it is life and mine was drastically saved by my own motivations. I knew that a beautiful spirit would attract beautiful things in my life, so on to the work of becoming. My natural glow products tell this story. Patience, skincare, soul work, body work and mental are all a balance of life that I’ve not yet seen mastered, but I can speak for the balance and consistency in OLS’s skincare, accessories, and spiritual items. They’re life changing and I’ve been happy starting there. Purpose and expression are closely related, and it's time good people have trusted business owners that understand this from a life changing level to ultimately help people reach their best natural and LIT selves. As I would say, Release Your Positive Vibes Lit Fam! We’ve got more life to do, so let’s do it in the ways we love most.

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Desire, aka Lit Queen aka Queen D

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