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African Exfoliating Body Net

African Exfoliating Body Net

Excluding Sales Tax

African Exfoliating Scrub Towels/Body Nets have arrived to OLS!

They are all the rave and make for the best soap saving, soap sudding, and bath/shower experience! 


This specific net comes with a clear adhesive hook for your hanging convenience. 


Material: NYLON

Style: PAD


Colors vary upon purchase, but you may include in the "notes" at checkout what color you prefer, although this does not gurantee you will get that color. To note, specific colors do not take away or add to experience. 

It is suggested to wash this body net at least once weekly with your regular towels, laundry loads. We also hand wash in cold water with eucalyptus essential oil and a little alcohol, washing out thoroughly. 

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