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Hibiscus-Rose Glow Water -Refreshing Multi-Use Facial Mist

Hibiscus-Rose Glow Water -Refreshing Multi-Use Facial Mist

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Facial Sprays and toners are often tricky, and that’s why we crafted ours using actual trial and error and tested on all skin types for every possible result. Finally finding the balance in our recipe this multi-use mist is created using natural, Alkaline Spring Water and Organic Aloe Vera Water. Glow Water is refreshing, inviting, and Glowy AF. Our recipe includes soaked rose and hibiscus petals. Hibiscus contributing to increasing the skin’s cell production and helping to control acne breakouts due to the naturally present acids. Rose petals and organic essential oils added to bring forth a sweet aroma and help the skin to retain moisture. The rich presence of vitamin c and sugars in rose petals benefit those with sensitive skin and make for beautiful, glowing skin. Mist natural hair or loccs for moisture or use as a dark linen refreshener as well!

Alkaline Water 

Aloe Water 

Rose Petals 

Hibiscus Petals 

Argan Oil

Lit Essential Oil Blend

Optiphen Preservative 

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