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It’s Lit Sample Kit

It’s Lit Sample Kit

Excluding Sales Tax

Peace Lit Family! We finally got a sample kit for you including some of your favs!


The Sample Kit Includes:

1 -sample size of (1) of our natural soaps (Chamomile-Rose Bar, Orange Sunrise Turmeric Bar, or our Coco Myrrh Bar) 1- (1oz) Rose-Hibiscus Glow Water, 1 -(1oz) Sorrel-Rose Rejuvenating Facial Serum, 1 -(1oz) Glow Scrub (Lavender-Hibiscus or Lemongrass Turmeric), 1 -Bliss Balm Lip Balm or 1-Bliss Lip Scrub, and 1- Palo Santo Stick!


A total of at least 6 of our products!

This sample kit is sure to give you a good trial of some of our favorite products and a great introduction into your natural skincare journey.


With this kit, you're also sure to get a three step facial routine. Natural Soap as a Cleanser, Glow Water as a Toner, and Facial Serum as a Moisturizer. You also get the Glow Scrub which can be used on face or body at least 1-2x throughout the week for your exfoliation experience. Always exfoliate as needed or at least and no more than 1-2x weekly. 


Upon purchase and within the notes section your natural soap choice, and glow scrub choice, can be noted, however it is not guranteed. We will do our best to uphold your choice. 


Please read descriptions of soaps, and scrubs or send us a message for any of your skincare needs/concerns. 


Sample kits can be purchased in bulk for special events, or bulk order. Please message us for further information and or to inquire and let us know what your desire is. 

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