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Tree Moss Facial Clay

Tree Moss Facial Clay

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Size: 2 fl oz

In collaboration with BLNDGriffey Hair Co. we present the Tree Moss Facial Clay!

Crafted with Rhassoul Clay and Tamanu Oil.

This facial clay can be used for whole facial mask application and/or for spot treating. Our facial clay aims to revitalize, cleanse and recover your skin. It is helpful in removing dead layers and soothing skin. If you've got dirt, excess acne, blemishes, zits, pimples, this is the facial clay for you. 


Tamanu oil is great for skin. It helps create collagen and helps with all the healing; wound healing reducing scars, and easing burns. This clay mask was also made with seamoss. When applied as a face mask, the seamoss helps bond all the ingredients making for a smooth application. 


Use this facial clay for spot treating and or full facial application and watch all your blemishes either decrease or reduce significantly in size. Major breakout? No problem, this is the product to use! Some call it the "magical mask" but its just these herbs and plants doing their healing work.


When you feel that immediate tingle upon application from the organic cinnamon and teatree essential oils, that's when you know its working.


The scent gives you those Fall/Earthy feels. 

Great for MEN and Women. For my sensitive skin folks, it is suggested to inner arm test this product first. 


Men, treat those shaving bumps, Ladies those hormones DO get to acting up! This is the perfect product to keep nearby. 


The next time you think to put toothpaste on that big ole' pimple/zit, PURCHASE the Tree Moss Facial Clay! You don't even have to keep wasting your toothpaste like that!


Take of a note of the product ingredients.

ALWAYS SPOT TEST BEFORE facial application. 

Rose Water 

Aloe Water

Alkaline Spring Water

Rhassoul Red Clay

Chamomile Powder 

Turmeric Powder

Organic Honey

Tamanu Oil

Cold Pressed Olive Oil – Carrier Oil 


Natural Optiphen Preservative

Lit Essential Oil Blend

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