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Varied Sages

Varied Sages

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Let the good vibes flow, and the bad vibes GO!


Different sages in general are for smudging and sometimes spirtual practices. Sage can also be used to clear viruses, and bacteria in the home after sickness. Always open a window or door during your sage experience for an even greater home/space cleanse.



Use a lighter to light either end and blow out upon seeing flames. Sage near window/ or door for more heavy smoke/ smudge release. Lay on cowery shell, or stone for room essence. 

Highly flammable. Please do not leave unattended. 


Dragon Blood Sage: Dragon's Blood is a resin that is exuded from certain Asian, South American, and African trees that have medicinal and metaphysical uses similar to White Sage, however using Dragon's Blood Sage offers a deeper cleansing which may result in a lasting healing energy for you and your surroundings.

Very great sage for creative energy and positive space.  


Chakra Sage: Beautiful and open loving energy radiates from this 7 chakra rainbow sage. Ready to help purify your heart and space.  Use this sage if you're working on any chakra stages. 


Cedar Wood Sage: Uplifting and loving energy, stress relief, anxiety relief, sleep and cognitive benefits. 

Let us know in the notes section which sage you would like.

If you need more than one, please add to cart twice and specify each sage. 

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